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Enjoy A Free Game On The House
Enjoy A Free Game On The House
The house of roulette - featuring the most recognizable symbol of gambling in the world (the roulette wheel) and dedicated to those who play roulette because of its automatic association with glamour, style and sophistication


Looking for somewhere to play roulette online right now? To play roulette for real $$$$, check out the Triple Win Online Casino. The Triple Win's been making winners out of people like you since 1997. Definitely a good, safe place to try out your roulette betting systems and strategies. To play for fun, try our own free roulette game. Simply click the "Play Our Free Games" image that's located beside the pretty dancing girl in red to the top left of your screen and our casino game window will load. Sign up to play for free and we'll give you 1,000 free points to start you off. If on the other hand you're looking for roulette betting limits and information, read on below.

The maximum allowable amounts for wagering on different spaces of the roulette layout will vary with each casino. Familiarize yourself with the limits before you place your bets and start to play. Fortunately, the process of roulette betting is not a complicated one, and unlike craps, you are given a good length of time at the table to choose where you want to lay your money down. It's important to note too that most of the major land casinos will up their maximum betting limits at the sight of a high roller.

There are two types of betting you can play at the roulette wheel - outside bets and the inside bets. You are required to play the table minimum at least on each of your outside bets; on inside roulette betting, the total of all of your bets must meet or exceed the table minimum. This bit of information is just about all you need to know in order to jump right into some fast, fun, online roulette betting action. For even more detailed roulette betting information, you can always check out the extensive explanations of roulette bets, odds and percentages that we've provided.

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